With the growing popularity of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), more and more people are taking up No Gi BJJ to help with their ground fighting, improve their fitness get in great shape, increase strength and endurance plus gain confidence with self defence.

This is a faster paced form of grappling that has a lot more scrambles because you are not afforded the luxury of grips like you have with the Gi. Therefore there are a lot more techniques taken from Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling, Judo, Submission wrestling and Catch as Catch Can wrestling.

Here at Gracie Barra Swindon we have everything you need to get started in the sport. Many of our students compete in MMA and grappling events, while others just train for health, fitness and self-defence reasons. Whatever your motivation for training No Gi come along and try a class!

A typical class

A typical Gracie Barra Swindon No Gi class consists of a warm up, followed by specific technical instruction and drilling time with a partner and live sparring or rolling which is optional but a chance to test out the techniques with a resisting partner. We are dedicated to training in a safe, healthy and professional manner. Finally there is a warm down.

Bring: A gum shield.

Wear: Rash vest/T-shirt and shorts.

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